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Wrong Belief
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Chemtrails In The Bible


Why are so many people sick today?

Hello, my name is Russ. This website is my personal attempt inform you about chemtrails: An extremely serious issue that profoundly affects everyone, regardless of who you are or where you live.

Chemtrails affect your health, your memory, your relationships, your emotions, and every body system. Chemtrails affect the quality of your life and how much longer you live.

If you breathe air, you are affected.

This website does not sell anything. It is simply here to inform you about the largest crime against humanity in human history. It is also here to help you discover why you — or your friends and family — may have become chronically ill within the past 10 years.

It's being called the largest aerial operation in history. It's being called the largest military operation in history. Many now consider it the most lethal operation of any kind in human history.


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Spraying chemicals and biological agents on U.S. citizens is legal in the United States, even if it causes permanent injury or death. Learn more about Public Law 105-85 and how it affects you.

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