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This article was last updated October 2, 2013

What Are Geoengineering Artifacts?

Geoengineering artifacts are side-effects of geoengineering (chemtrail spraying).

The most common visible side-effect is the formation of artificial clouds. Another side-effect is the elevation of aluminum, barium, and mercury in soils.

Other side effects of spraying the public with chemicals and heavy metals include health symptoms such as fatigue, physical pain, ringing in the ears, digestive issues, and suppressed immune function. Many people also report emotional issues such as depression, apathy, difficulty concentrating, and even anxiety.

Why Geoengineering Artifacts are Important

Over the past several years, chemtrails have changed.

Originally, they were long, persistent plumes that lingered in the air. Then they changed to short, non-persistent trails. Now, in more and more cities around the world, chemtrails are moving from clearly-visible low-altitude spraying to high-altitude spraying.

Unfortunately, high-altitude chemtrails are not visible from the ground, but the visible artifacts that chemtrails induce - such as artificial clouds - are visible from the ground, and this is the reason that an understanding of geoengineering artifacts is so important.

Getting the Public To Care

The effort to inform an apathetic public about chemtrails has been partially successful because enormous white plumes have been clearly visible in the skies. Many intelligent people have simply looked up and wondered what substances these plumes contained and whether or not they were safe. Now, with the advent of high-altitude spraying, these plumes are not visible from the ground, so now it's harder than ever to get the public to think about (or care about) chemtrails.

The last opportunity we have to get the public concerned about geoengineering is to teach them about the last visible artifact of geoengineering: artificial clouds.

The War Against Humanity

Geoengineering is the largest crime against humanity in human history, yet, with no visible evidence of this crime, the public will never wonder why more people are sick and dying today than at any time in history (excepting times of great plagues).

If the public does not know the difference between a natural cloud and an artificial cloud, this last visible artifact of public-spraying will be useless in the battle to make the public aware of this crime.

Everything is against us. Those wanting to dramatically reduce global population control all mainstream media. These elitists are engaged in a coordinated effort to disinform you, your friends, your family, and especially your children. If you have children in public schools, they are currently being taught that artificial clouds are natural clouds.

Those conducting this battle against the public understand how important the subject of clouds really is.

"New World Clouds"

Clouds used to be fascinating.

They were sharp and well-defined. They rolled and moved with artistic intention and inherent creativity. Their distinct, white borders contrasted the deep-blue sky with striking beauty and individual purpose.

Today, clouds are unfocused and undefined. They meander the sky following each other with numbing mindlessness. Their indistinct, gray borders blend into the pale blue forming an endless desert of indistinct color.

Cloud-watching used to be amazing. Enormous, shape shifting structures continually redefined themselves with razor-precision. Today, watching clouds is like watching smoke spill endlessly from a smokestack.

In America's more youthful days, individuals were strong in character, creative, and ambitious. Their purpose and intentions were passionate and well-defined. Today, barraged with drugs and heavy metals from birth, people have become unfocused, undefined, and without purpose, continuously declaring individuality but in reality, indistinguishable.

As the cultures of the world have been systematically numbed and intellectually softened for life in the "new world order"—a socially indistinct global government, so have the clouds taken on the form of a world without clarity, individually, and purpose.

For this reason I call these new clouds - these artificial clouds - "New World Clouds".

Where Have All The Natural Clouds Gone?

Being a middle-aged life-long sky watcher, I am very knowledgeable about the appearance of clouds. I've watched them all my life.

My intention in writing this article was to collect numerous pictures of natural clouds and display them next to pictures of artificial clouds, but I ran into a problem. To my surprise, the vast majority of pictures of clouds on the internet are pictures of artificial clouds.

The reason for this is that geoengineering is a global operation that has been going on for many years (although it has dramatically expanded in the past 10 years). This operation is taking place in most countries around the world, and since the vast majority of pictures on the internet have been taken within the past 10 years, they contain artificial clouds.

So where have all of the natural clouds gone?

They have been replaced with artificial clouds - geoengineering artifacts.

Where Have All The Clear Skies Gone?

Not all that long ago, the sky was simple, beautiful, and usually clear. Not only were most days clear, but nights were almost always clear. Regardless of the weather during the day, you could normally rely on having a perfectly clear night for viewing the stars.

In school, we were taught the reason for clear nights, namely, no warm-updrafts.

In the daytime, the sun warms the land. The warm land warms the air above it and causes it to rise. When these large, warm mushrooms of air push upward into the cooler layer above it, water condenses forming well-defined, rolling cumulous clouds.

At night, the lack of sunlight eliminates these warm updrafts eliminating the creation of clouds.

These days, geoengineering spraying occurs throughout the day and night. In many areas (including ours), it is more intense at night (nighttime spraying contradicts their claim that the purpose of spraying is to reflect sunlight back into space: "geoengineering"). As a result, clear nights have all but disappeared and have now been replaced with an endless stream of artificial clouds; Geoengineering Artifacts.

In fact, my area (Bangor, Maine) nearly encountered a new record this previous summer as the "dimmest" summer in 100 years. I watched daily as chemtrails saturated clear skies for hours. The resulting overcast skies usually lasted the duration of the day. This pattern continued day-after-day throughout the summer setting a new record. This weather condition was artificially created.

Most of my life, I spent much time outside, so I clearly remember the sharp shadows of the crisp, billowing cumulous clouds gliding across the land. When you were in a shadow, the temperature dropped and your skin enjoyed a short, cool break from the sun. When the crisp edge of the cloud rolled by, you suddenly found your skin warmed by the direct rays of the sun once again.

When chemtrails began to be sprayed, the continuous stream of chemtrail fallout (often above the cumulus level) obscured the sun and often induced artificial clouds below.

Now that chemtrails are moving to high-altitudes in more areas, the sky is blue more often. Nevertheless, chemtrail fallout and geoengineering artifacts can still be seen on many or most days. Nevertheless, the absence of artifacts does not mean the absence of chemical spraying. When conditions are right, and they often are, spraying will not produce clouds.

Subtlety & Clarity

When change is induced by evil, subtlety is the method and slow is the speed. For this reason, change is not noticed by the majority. Consequently, it becomes useful to compare records of the past with records of the present, for only then does subtlety become clarity.

To gain some perspective and clarity, let's take a look at the changes in the clouds over the past several years.

The Three Primary Cloud Types

When I was in school, we were taught that there were 4 cloud types:

Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus, and Nimbus.

Indeed, all clouds in the sky at the time resembled these cloud types, or combinations thereof. Interestingly, I found a website on a subdomain at Northern Michigan University that contains this same teaching:

Cloud Types (Northern Michigan University User Page)

The three primary cloud types: Cumulus, Stratus, and Cirrus. NOTE: We were unable to obtain pictures of - what we believe to be - natural cirrus clouds, but this is the closest we could find.

In actuality, there are 3 primary cloud types. The word "nimbus" simply means "precipitating", therefore, the word "nimbus" is tacked onto primary cloud names to represent a cloud that is precipitating. For example, a cumulus cloud that is precipitating is called a cumulonimbus cloud.

Other Cloud Types

Today, you will find a myriad of cloud types defined by meteorological societies. Some of these cloud types have the word "alto" prefixed to them. Another popular cloud type is the Mammatus (making 4 basic types according to modern science).

Out With The Old

Regardless of the type of cloud you are viewing, it's important to understand that the origin of the primary cloud names comes from the latin word representing their appearance. These names were originally assigned in 1802.

In this article, we aren't concerned so much with the names assigned to clouds. Instead, we are focusing on the difference in appearance of natural clouds and artificial clouds.

Old Artificial Clouds

Please be aware that chemtrail spraying began during the Vietnam war. For this reason, some artificial cloud types can be found in old photographs and videos.

Don't let this confuse you. Just keep in mind that the most widespread spraying began in the past 10 years, consequently, artificial clouds have become widely visible in the same timeframe.

New World Order Clouds

Now let's get to the meat of the matter. In this section, we will compare natural clouds with artificial clouds.

Cumulus Clouds

Following are pictures of natural cumulus clouds. This is what cumulus clouds looked like throughout my life, until the past few years.

Well-defined, constantly changing, thrusting upward from the center, cumulus were the most common and generally regarded as the most beautiful cloud type.

Following are pictures of artificial cumulus clouds.

In my experience, artificial cumulus clouds have only been widely visible for the past decade. When this type of cloud is present, the smell and taste of chemtrails are thick in the air (but only detectable by more sensitive people like myself).

I believe these clouds are caused by higher-altitude chemtrail particulates which act as condensation nuclei inducing condensation resulting in the formation of clouds.

In contrast to the well-defined (sharp) lines of natural cumulus clouds, artificial cumulus clouds are characterized by undefined edges, a flatter shape (less vertical dimension), and a weak or non-existent upward-thrusting motion.

In natural cumulus clouds, this visible upward-thrusting motion is a natural side-effect of the upward motion of warmer lower-level air; the very air which is responsible for this cloud's creation.

Artificial Cumulus Clouds: "Sparse Clouds"

When "Sparse" cumulus clouds are present, there is always the odor and taste of chemtrails in the air. The most common chemtrail types (according to taste/odor) associated with Sparse cumulous clouds are: (1) "Salty-Metallic", (2) "Drywall-Dust", (3) "Metallic-Chemical", and (4) "Sulfur". Some of these chemtrail types often occur together.

In my history of skywatching, Sparse cumulus clouds did not exist before chemtrails. When cumulus clouds formed, they were well-defined and thick. They were also characterized by a powerful upward-thrusting motion when viewed using timelapse photography.

Examples of "Sparse Clouds". Notice that persistent chemtrail plumes are visible in some pictures, however, this is not always the case. Sparse clouds are very common when chemtrail spraying is not visible from the ground or when non-persistent chemtrails are being sprayed. These pictures were taken in Jamestown, New York and near Bangor, Maine.

Artificial Cumulus Clouds: "Pulled Cotton"

This cloud type received its name because of its resemblance to cotton that has been pulled apart.

Pulled Cotton clouds often form when Sparse Clouds become thicker and more dense. This can occur after extended periods of spraying. Pulled Cotton clouds can also be seen at higher altitudes when large, persistent chemtrail plumes spread out and break apart.

Examples of "Pulled Cotton" clouds. This artificial cloud type is often seen forming when non-persistent chemtrail plumes build up or when large persistent chemtrail plumes thin out. Pulled Cotton clouds have been seen forming at various altitudes.

Artificial Cumulus Clouds: "Pancake Clouds" or "Lame Cumulus"

"Lame Cumulus" clouds are one of the most common artificial formations associated with chemtrails.

Although this formation looks somewhat similar to natural cumulus, they are flatter (they have less vertical dimension) and they have poorly-defined edges. They also lack the continuous upward thrust that you see in natural cumulus when viewed using timelapse photography.

This type of artificial cloud usually develops after "Sparse Clouds" form if chemtrail spraying continues. Sparse Clouds and Lame Cumulus are associated with the same chemtrail types.

Examples of "Lame Cumulus" clouds. Although some of these artificial formations resemble cumulus, they normally contain one-or-more of the following attributes: (1) They are flat, (2) they have soft, undefined edges, or (3) they have little or no upward thrust (best seen using timelapse photography).

Stratus Clouds

Following are pictures of natural stratus clouds. These pictures represent the way stratus clouds appeared throughout my life.

Stratus clouds range in appearance from blanket-like fog to a crinkled blanket and they often produce rain. Fog is sometimes considered a stratus cloud.

Natural stratus clouds. Nondescript, varying in altitude, and often producing rain, stratus clouds are among the most varied clouds in the sky. The last picture (right) shows a low-lying stratus cloud forming foggy conditions.

Following are pictures of artificial stratus clouds.

While searching the internet for pictures of natural stratus clouds, I discovered that the vast majority of cloud pictures on the internet that are labeled as stratus clouds are actually artificial clouds produced by chemtrails.

The nondescript appearance of chemtrail-induced stratus clouds often cause them to be called cirrus clouds. The misidentification of dissipating chemtrail plumes as natural cirrus clouds is also rampant on the internet.

The common enormity of these artificial structures combined with their tendency to spread out over the sky have often earned them the name "Chemtrail Fallout".

I've spent the past several years watching chemtrails produce great blankets of cloud cover in the sky. Sometimes this cloud cover is produced by persistent chemtrails that simply spread out covering large parts of the sky. Sometimes, non-persistent chemtrails (often mistakenly called "contrails") are sprayed over a wide area or along a flight path for hours leading to the formation of artificial stratus clouds below (at a lower altitude than) the area being sprayed.

Artificial Stratus Clouds: "Blanket Stratus"

In most of the following pictures of artificial stratus clouds, you can see the persistent chemtrails beginning to spread out and cover the sky. Ironically, in numerous pictures of "stratus" clouds on the internet, the clouds are identical to these artificial structures except that the persistent chemtrails do not appear in the photos.

It's easy enough to capture pictures of Blanket Stratus without visible plumes by simply waiting until the plumes spread out and join with the existing plumes to form a solid cover. Any competent sky watcher should know the difference between real stratus and dissipated chemtrail plumes.

The chemtrail type most commonly associated with Blanket Stratus is "Drywall Dust". Frequently however, non-persistent plumes are sprayed at the same time as persistent ones causing a mixture of the "Drywall Dust" and "Bitter Chemical" chemtrail types (based on odor and taste).

Examples of "Blanket Stratus" clouds. Most of these pictures demonstrate how persistent chemtrail plumes are visible in newly-formed Blanket Stratus clouds. About 30-to-60 minutes after spraying stops, the plumes will have spread out and taken on the appearance of clouds. The pictures showing plumes which are less-evenly distributed in the sky (L to R, T to B: #2, #4, #5) are examples of clouds formed by both persistent and non-persistent plumes sprayed together. The most dense (least opaque) part of the artificial cloud in these pictures forms below the area being sprayed with the non-persistent chemtrails.

Artificial Stratus Clouds: "Stratus Plumes"

The following pictures show artificial stratus clouds developing into long, straight plumes. Although not as common as other geoengineering artifacts, most sky watchers will see this type of structure from time-to-time.

"Stratus Plumes" form when chemtrails (either persistent or non-persistent) are released along the same flight path for some amount of time in low-wind conditions.

Examples of "Stratus Plumes". This geoengineering artifact is not the most common artificial clouds, but it is unmistakable in appearance. The long-straight plume-like shape along with the size will often grab the attention of sky watchers and non-sky watchers alike. These photos were taken in Lakewood, New York and outside of Bangor, Maine.

Stratus Plume Mega-Event

On November 16th, 2009, enormous stratus plumes appeared along Route 9 towards Bangor, Maine. I captured this event with photographs and video.

Stratus Plumes are not usually this enormous, but on this day, continuous chemtrail spraying along fixed flight paths combined with the right wind conditions created an event that must be seen.

On this day, the odor and taste of chemtrails was in the air (as they are most days).

November 16th, 2009, Bangor, Maine Mega-Event with enormous Stratus Plumes were spotted along Route 9 heading toward Bangor.

This video shows the same Stratus Plume mega-event displayed in the photographs above.

Cirrus Clouds

Following are pictures of natural cirrus clouds. This is what cirrus clouds looked like throughout most of my life.

One of the thrills of watching the sky of such a dynamic planet is getting to see the rare gems. Natural cirrus clouds are one of these rare gems. These shimmering tight patterns at clearly high altitudes actually look like ice particles. It was a memorable treat for a sky watcher like me to be able to see this uncommon cloud pattern.

This has all changed in the past decade.

You may notice that there are only two pictures of natural cirrus clouds below. Why, you ask? Because this is all that I could find.

To my amazement, virtually every picture that I found while searching for cirrus clouds on the internet actually displayed chemtrail plumes or chemtrail fallout. In fact, the right-most picture below shows the first result-page from a Google-Images search for "cirrus clouds". The experienced chemtrail observer will notice that every single cloud on this page is an artificial chemtrail structure, not a natural cloud. Out of the thousands of pictures of "cirrus clouds" that I found on the internet, only 2 had the appearance of natural cirrus clouds. All others were dissipating chemtrail plumes.

Examples of cirrus clouds. (NOTE: We were unable to obtains pictures of - what we believe to be - natural cirrus clouds, but this is the closest we could find.) The last picture shows the first page of pictures from a Google-Images search for "cirrus clouds". Amazingly, every picture on this page displays an artificial chemtrail-related structure; not a natural cloud.

Following are pictures of artificial cirrus clouds.

In my experience, artificial cirrus clouds have only been widely visible for the past decade (except in isolated incidents where preliminary chemtrail testing was likely underway).

When this type of cloud is present, the smell and taste of chemtrails is present in the air (but only detectable by more sensitive people like myself). The chemtrail type often associated with artificial cirrus clouds is the "Metallic-Chemical" type. Not surprisingly, this type is often sprayed at about 33,000 feet.

Virtually all of the artificial cirrus clouds that I have observed since chemtrail spraying has become widespread (the past 10 years) originated with large chemtrail plumes. These plumes spread out and join each other forming enormous structures.

Sometimes, they grow into wispy structures. Other times they appear as well-defined plumes. More rarely, chemtrail plumes spread out evenly and begin to ripple into structures that resemble natural-looking cirrus clouds, or even popcorn.

Artificial Cirrus Clouds: "Wispy Plumes"

The following pictures show artificial cirrus clouds. I have watched countless numbers of these clouds form over the past several years. Each time they began as chemtrail plumes.

This cloud type is currently misidentified as a "natural" cirrus cloud all over the internet. What's amazing is that anyone with a little patience can watch these clouds develop from high-altitude chemtrail plumes.

These artificial structures are among the most interesting. They begin as single plume but are quickly stretched out across the sky. A portion of the plume apparently touches a layer of high-winds. The resulting streaks across the sky are unmistakable artifacts of geoengineering.

Examples of "Wispy Plumes". These are possibly the most interesting and dramatic chemtrail-related structures. They form when a large chemtrail plume comes in contact with a rapidly-moving air layer. This air layer quickly spreads a portion of the plume across the sky resulting in a dramatic, striated, wispy structure. As the structure matures, it often forms arches or curls as shown in the top-left photo above. These pictures were taken in Jamestown, New York and near Bangor, Maine.

Artificial Cirrus Clouds: "Sand Dunes"

The following pictures show artificial cirrus clouds that have the appearance of sand dunes. This artificial cloud type most closely resembles natural cirrus clouds. The difference lies in the symmetry.

Natural cirrus lack symmetry, and although their ripples resemble waves in the sand at the beach, each ripple will be uniquely different. Artificial cirrus - when rippled - often contain visible symmetry or amazing (unnatural-looking) repetition in it's wave patterns.

Of course, the key to knowing the difference is by watching them form. If they form from chemtrail plumes, they are clearly artificial. After watching these structures form for a few months, you will realize that the vast majority of the structures labeled "cirrus clouds" today are actually artificial geoengineering artifacts.

Some people believe that the pattern found in artificial cirrus clouds is caused by electromagnetic energy from HAARP. Although I agree that this is a possible explanation (especially considering that ionizing metal particulates are especially conducive for the transmission of electromagnetic waves through the atmosphere - acting as virtual "wave guides"), a discussion of HAARP is outside the scope of this article.

Examples of "Sand Dunes". These artificial structures closely resemble natural cirrus clouds. Their artificiality is revealed to the patient observer who discovers that the material making up the visible structure is actually a persistent chemtrail plume. The first picture shows an infant formation of this structure. As with many artificial clouds, one type often turns into another type over time.

Artificial Cirrus Clouds: "Popcorn Clouds"

The following pictures show artificial cirrus clouds that have the appearance of popcorn, earning them the name "Popcorn Clouds". This artificial cloud type most closely resembles artificial "Sand Dune" cirrus clouds, except that the lateral ripples have fragmented into small pieces producing the popcorn-effect. Therefore, you can often witness this artificial cloud type form from the "Sand Dune" type.

The formation of this artificial cloud type from chemtrails is clearly visible if you have the patience to watch large plumes slowly develop into "Sand Dunes" first, and then into these structures after.

Examples of "Popcorn Clouds". Patient sky watchers will be able to see high-altitude chemtrail plumes turn into "Sand Dunes" and then fragment into "Popcorn Clouds". The first picture (left) shows an enormous chemtrail plume spreading out and forming this unique formation.

Artificial Cirrus Clouds: "Super Plumes"

I have saved the best (or worst) for last: Chemtrail "Super Plumes".

These are the rarest artificial chemtrail-related plumes that I have witnessed. They are also - judging by the aftermath - the most lethal. They are enormous and unmistakable in their appearance.

As a daily skywatcher with a window having a clear view of the sky, I witnessed this type of artificial structure only 3 times in the past 5 years; one time in Jamestown, New York and two times outside of Bangor, Maine.

Each time this plume type appeared, a virtual flu epidemic occurred. When the first event occurred in the Bangor area, the local pediatrician was backed up for 3-weeks with sick children. Additionally, every relative of mine and my business partner became sick (with only a couple exceptions). Of course, when this event occurred, people who were unaware of the Super Plume event write off the persuant illness by saying, "A bad flu is going around". We know better.

Each time this plume occurred, my immune system was severely suppressed and I (and most of those I know) began having typical colored emissions from our noses; an obvious sign of a respiratory infection.

Many people caught the "Chemtrail Flu". This is an illness that has all of the symptoms of an intense flu but without the fever. Others actually did get a fever.

How difficult it is to watch nephews get ill and go to the doctor when I know what the root cause is. Relatives are not interested in hearing about chemtrails. Parents don't want to know how they are related to illness in their children. Astounding is the level of fear and denial that many people live in today.

Jamestown, New York, October 8, 2007

Following are pictures of "Super Plumes" taken in October, 2007.

This event occurred about 3:30 pm. The spraying took only about an hour to cover the sky. Within 30 minutes after spraying stopped, the enormous Super Plumes began to dissipate rapidly. They broke up into fine, wispy structure that were beautiful in appearance. Less than an hour later they were completely gone.

During this event, the air was virtually unbreathable for me. My sinuses were burning severely. My head was pounding. My neck was tight as if having my magnesium stores drained by a sudden dose of mercury. My thoughts were looping and stifled with brain fog, and joints and muscles ached from sudden inflammation.

The following photos do not capture the enormity of this event. It was visually striking; a day I will never forget. Astonishingly, most people on the ground never even noticed the epic crime that occurred in the sky directly above their heads.

These pictures were all taken on 3rd street in front of the post office in Jamestown, New York, October 9, 2007. Top-left: Downtown Jamestown (NY) in front of the post office looking up at the church steeple. Remember, everything you see in the sky came out of a jet. Approximate location: 42° 05' 49.38" N 79° 14' 13.70 W Top-Center: The same church steeple just a few minutes later. Top-Right: Looking straight up at the streetlight across the street from the post office (3rd street). Center-Left: The view of the eastern part of the post office building. Center-Center: On 3rd street looking at the western part of the post office. Center-Right: On 3rd street looking uphill NNW towards 4th street. Bottom-Left: A close-up of the flag flying above the post office. Bottom-Center: A view over the post office as the plumes began to dissipate just a few minutes later. Bottom-Right: Looking NNW towards 4th street as the plumes began to dissipate.

These pictures were all taken in Jamestown, New York, October 9, 2007. Top-Left: A view from downtown as the Super Plumes began to dissipate. Top-Center: Another view from downtown looking at the cable company building. Top-Right: Another view from downtown as the plumes begin to dissipate. Bottom-Left: A view from my property looking out over downtown Jamestown. Bottom-Center-Left: Another view from my property looking out over downtown Jamestown. Bottom-Center-Right: Looking up over my root at Super Plumes above my property. Bottom-Right: Another Super Plume above my property.

Bangor, Maine, March 19, 2009

Following are pictures of "Super Plumes" taken on March 19th, 2009 near Bangor Maine.

After this event occurred, people became ill in epidemic proportions. Doctors' offices and Pediatricians were backed up for three weeks. Many people had colored emissions from their noses indicating respiratory illness. Immune systems were suppressed, and many people got flu-like symptoms. Nearly everyone in my family was sick for a week or more following this event.

These pictures were all taken near Bangor, Maine, March 19th, 2009. The appearance of the plumes was strikingly similar to the parallel event in Jamestown (above). The odor and taste of the air and the symptoms were exactly the same as well.


Chemtrails have been around for a long time, but only within the past 10 years have they become widely visible around the globe. Being a skywatcher all of my life has enabled me to see the dramatic changes that have occurred in our clouds, especially in the past 10 years.

My highly sensitive sense of smell and taste along with my highly-reactive body have combined to - finally - serve a useful purpose:

To raise awareness about the most dangerous crime against humanity that governments of the world have ever conspired to achieve.

They call this operation "geoengineering" because it was originally intended to spray metallic particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space for the purpose of reversing global warming. But now that we know that global warming is an epic scientific fraud, there is no reasonable cover story left to support the "need" for geoengineering. Now we can plainly see this massing toxic spraying campaign for what it really is: Depopulation.

The U.S. government is currently leasing 100 tanker aircraft from private companies. They are also currently joint-contracted with Boeing and Airbus (the European aircraft manufacturer) to build 179 new tankers that they claim will be used to replace their existing tankers.

I doubt they intend on replacing their existing tankers. It's more reasonable to believe that they are actually doubling their already-massive fleet of tanker aircraft.

Think about this. If they are leasing 100 tankers, then the 400 tankers that they already own must all be tied up in some type of operation. Why else would there be a need to lease 100 of these massive aircraft?

What massive air campaign is the United States currently involved in that is tying up 400 tanker aircraft and requires the service of 100 additional leased tanker aircraft?

Is it a wild coincidence that sightings of silver, unmarked jets spewing trails have skyrocketed in the past 10 years?

When I first moved to Maine while unloading the moving trucks, I spotted 56 jets spewing chemtrails in the first 2 hours (yes, I counted them). That's one chemtrail jet every two minutes. This continuous stream of jets continued for eight hours.

Before chemtrail spraying began spraying Jamestown, New York in 2005, I had never seen anything like this. The jets would show up, saturate the sky with trails for 3 hours, and then leave just as quickly as they appeared. I watched this activity occur day-after-day - on a schedule - for years. The only airport Jamestown has handles small "puddle-jumper" planes, not large commercial aircraft.

I remember many short dinner trips that we made to Erie, Pennsylvania (about an hour's drive). We sometimes stopped the truck on the shoulder of interstate 86 (previously "I-17") and counted 5, 8, 11, and on some occasions 13 jets visible in the sky at the same time, all spewing chemtrails. Even after spending most of my life near one of the world's most heavily-traveled airspaces (Tampa, Florida), I never saw anything like this; nothing even close.

Considering that all of these jets are unmarked silver jets, knowing what we know now, this should not surprise us.

Now that this epic crime against humanity has been discovered by the public, and now that the planned cover story - global warming - has been discovered by the public to be an absolute fraud, what is left for the perpetrators to do? Simple, they must hide this activity from the public as quickly as they can.

They are modifying their operations in two ways to make the chemical and heavy metal spraying less-noticeable to the public.

The first modification is to make long, persistent plumes short and non-persistent. I remember the 4 days that this occurred in Jamestown, New York. The change was sudden and dramatic. Amazingly, the same change occurred here in Bangor, Maine after I moved here.

The second modification is to begin spraying at high-altitudes so it is not visible from the ground. I saw this change occur in April, 2010. Amazingly, in May, 2010 I flew to Florida and saw all of the spraying that is now occurring at 33,000 feet, and this spraying is completely invisible from the ground.

There is so much more information that I could share, but for now, I certainly hope this article - and the others on this website - will inspire and motivate you to get involved in putting an end to this epic crime against humanity. These events don't have to happen. They only continue because we - the public - allow them to continue.

Please, educate yourself and your loved ones about chemtrails so they can prepare and protect themselves from the most notorious crime ever committed in human history.

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Don't be deceived. Contrails are extremely rare and only occur in conditions that:

1. Are so rare that most people will never see one in their entire lives, and
2. Cannot be seen from the ground.

If you see a trail come out of a jet, long or short, persistent or non-persistent, you can be sure that it's a chemtrail.

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6. Why Some People Still Believe in Contrails

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