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This article was last updated July 8, 2012

I wrote this article hoping that it will help others survive the onslaught of chemicals and metals that are being forced into our bodies daily by chemical aerosols spraying ("chemtrails"). I sincerely hope that you benefit from reading this information.

The Urgency To Find An Air Purifier That Works

Chemtrails affect my health dramatically, so almost immediately after we began experiencing daily chemtrail spraying, I began searching for an air filter that would remove them from the air.

Because I can clearly smell and taste chemtrails, I knew that I would be able to quickly determine which filters worked and which ones didn't.

Know Thy Enemy

First, I had to know everything I could about the particulates that I wanted to remove from the air. After many hours of research, I determined that there were two primary categories of chemtrail particulates:

1. Dry, nano-particulates of various metals and metal oxides.

2. Wet, oil-mist-encapsulated metals, perhaps mercury.

With this in mind, I had to learn everything I could about air filtration techniques so I could determine which technique would be most effective against these types of contaminants.

Initially, I focused on the dry particulates because that seemed like an easier problem to solve.

Nano-Particulates Are Too Small

The majority of air purifiers today use mesh filters that trap particles from the air, but this type of random mesh filter has a fundamental limitation. Larger particles are effectively trapped while smaller particles easily pass through.

To measure the effectiveness of consumer air filters, a standard was developed called HEPA. In order to meet the HEPA specification, a filter must remove 99.97% of all particles that are greater than 0.3 microns in size.

Under normal circumstances, a HEPA filter would be a good filter to have in your home, but when dealing with chemtrails, this type of filter is ineffective. The super-small nano-sized chemtrail particulates pass right through HEPA filters. This fact alone renders the vast majority of modern home air purifiers useless against chemtrails. Perhaps this is one of the reasons chemtrails are made from nano-particulates.

Ever wonder why most state air quality monitors haven't detected chemtrails with their fancy air monitoring equipment?

These expensive machines pass a metered amount of air through a mesh filter. The particulates captured by the filter are then counted. Finally, some math is done taking into account the amount of metered air along with the number of captured particulates to determine the particulate count per unit of air.

So why do 98% of these machines detect nothing unusual on heavy chemtrail days? Because their filters don't capture chemtrail particulates because they are too small. Perhaps this is one of the reasons chemtrails are made from nano-particulates.

The Showdown

After concluding that HEPA filters would not clear chemtrail particulates from the air, I doubted myself. I resisted accepting my conclusion that air purifiers would be useless against chemtrails. It was simply too dismal of a conclusion. So I went ahead and decided to buy a HEPA air purifier. In fact, I began a long search for an air purifier that would remove chemical aerosol nano-particulates from the air. Below is a list of devices I tested.

Tested Air Purifiers

IQ Air GC Series Air Purifier

Home-Built Water Mist Purifier

Alen Air A250 Air Purifier

IQ Air HealthPro Series Air Purifier

Home-Built Pall Ring Water-Based Air Purifier

Homedics BRT-150 Brethe Air Revitalizer

Boomerang Air Sanitizer by Nature's Sunshine Products

The Rainbow

Ionic Air Turbo Pro


IQ Air GC Series Air Purifier

After taking 3 days off of work to do nothing but research air purifiers, I decided to buy the #1 home air purifier in the world:

IQAir VOC GC Series Home Air Purifier

It was big and very expensive, but I was suffering, it was the best, and I still had credit.

This machine is a Swiss-made monster that contains a pre-filter, a large surface-area HEPA filter, and finally, 4 large specially-treated carbon canisters. The air travels from the bottom up through each successive filter and is released horizontally around the top of the unit. It has built-in electronics, numerous speeds, timers, and filter monitors, but I really didn't care about any of these things. I simply wanted relief from chemtrail-induced pain and suffering.

After receiving it, I set it up, turned it on, and began breathing the air emitted from the top of the unit only to find that the horrid odor and taste of chemtrails existed in this filtered air.

In order provide another layer of evidence to myself that chemtrail particulates were indeed smaller than HEPA filters could remove, I tested the IQ Air against pollen, smoke, and common odors such as the cat's litter box.

I can sense certain types of pollen in the air. The nasal sensation and subsequent sneezing are unmistakable, so I tested the IQ Air on a day when the air was packed with pollen. When I put my face up to the exhaust, the pollen-induced nasal-sensation vanished in seconds.

On a day that a local fire filled the air with smoke, I tested the IQ Air and again breathed in the exhaust to find that all odor of the smoke was gone. After moving to Maine, I had numerous opportunities to test the smoke-removing effects of the IQ Air with my wood burning stove. Again, the filtered air was pure and free from smoke. The IQ Air was about to clear a mid-sized room of all smoke and any trace of smoke-odor in minutes.

Finally, I tested IQ Air against all of the odors associated with a cat's litter box and found that it again removed any and all traces of those odors in minutes.

The IQ Air functioned flawlessly with each challenge I gave it, but during each of the tests listed above, the taste and odor of chemtrails was in the air. This gave me the opportunity to see how the IQ Air worked against chemtrails, and in each, although the odor being tested was successfully removed, the taste and odor of chemtrails was never removed. After numerous tests over a long period of time, I am certain that chemtrails are too small to be removed by HEPA filters, or even by IQ Air's large canister-type carbon filters.

Home-Built Water Mist Purifier

Throughout the previous months, I noticed that the humid air in a bathroom shower removed the odor and taste of chemtrails from the air. Consequently, while showering, my chemtrail symptoms largely went away. I had contact with several people who were sensitive to chemtrails who experienced the same thing.

Faced with the reality that HEPA filters cannot remove chemtrail particulates from the air, I began to work on an idea for a purifier that would use water to clean the air. In concept, it was a mini, portable shower with a fan blowing air through it. The air would be cleaned by the water and then be blown out into the room.

I built it with a plastic tub, PVC pipe, and small, misting sprinkler heads. The PVC extended up out of the tub and was lined with plastic sheets to form a virtual mini shower. There was a hole in the top where a fan blew air down through the water mist and then back up between the tub and plastic sheets.

It worked pretty well. It removed about 60% to 80% of the chemtrail taste and odor from the air. It also reduced my chemtrail symptoms. I used it for a few months throughout most of my work day.

Unfortunately, it had a few drawbacks. First, it put a tremendous amount of moisture into the air. This was a little uncomfortable and not good for all of the computer equipment I use while working. Second, it was pretty loud. The water mist hitting the plastic sheets created the sound of rain, except louder. I had to shut it off when a phone call came in. Finally, the vibration from the pump which sat at the bottom of the plastic tub cracked the tub and leaked all over the carpet. All of these problems could have been fixed by changing the design, but something else changed that rendered the device useless.

In 2005 when we first began experiencing daily chemtrail spraying, the most common chemtrail type was the "Salty Metallic" type. This type was easily cleaned by passing the air through water, but soon after chemtrails began, a new type was introduced that could not be removed by water, so the water-based air purifier was rendered largely useless.

After moving to Maine in the spring of 2008, I found that the Salty Metallic chemtrail type was used often, so I again built a water-based air filter, but it was based on a different principle. More information on this below.

Alen Air A250 Air Purifier

Alen Air makes some small, quiet, and efficient HEPA filters. They are very affordable, and since new chemtrail types has been introduced, I decided to buy a couple (I still had credit). I purchased 2 of the:

Alen Air A250 (KJ15FE-B)

Even through I knew they may not remove chemtrail particulates from the air, they would bring relief from the intense western New York pollen that tortured me during the spring and summer. They would also allow me to confirm that HEPA filters don't work against chemtrails. Since the large IQ Air units were too big to be moved up and down stairs often, the small Alen Air units would allow me to filter the air wherever I needed it.

These units remove wood stove smoke from the air but take perhaps 4 times longer than the IQ Air (VOC GC Series) did. Is seems that the IQ Air removes it all in the first pass whereas the Alen Air took several passes. When I put my face up to the exhaust of the IQ Air, the relief is immediate and complete, whether filtering smoke, pollen, or litter box odors. The exhaust of the Alen Air seems to contain a tiny bit of smoke, pollen, or odors, but still effectively removes all of these things from a room after running a little while. Nevertheless, the small units worked and were worth the price.

Upon receiving the Alen Air units, I immediately tested them against chemtrails and found that—like the IQ Air—they did nothing to remove the odor and taste of chemtrails from the air.

IQ Air HealthPro Series Air Purifier

As new chemtrail types were introduced, I realized that at least 2 new chemtrail types caused me to experience all of the symptoms of mercury poisoning. I also read the myriad of mainstream media reports blaming the rapidly-rising soil-mercury levels across the United States on Chinese coal-burning power plants. I doubted that mercury would be able to travel that far across an ocean because of it's affinity to bind to chlorine (in salt-water and in the air above/around salt water). My suspicions were confirmed when the California Air Quality Resources Board determined that these metals were not coming from China.

While continuing my research on air purifiers, I found the newly-released IQ Air HealthPro series that contained their new HyperHEPA technology. They claimed that this new filter technology removed particulates several times smaller than traditional HEPA filters. Some websites even claimed that this new filter could remove particulates as small as 0.003 microns. My research into chemtrails revealed that many chemtrail particulates were as small as 0.07 microns. This new purifier offered a whole new line of carbon canisters for removing numerous type of contaminants from the air. One of the canisters featured sulfur-inpregnated carbon which removes mercury vapor from the air. After all of the suffering I had been through, I simply had to try this filter to see if it would offer relief. So, I bought one (I still had credit):

IQAir HealthPro Series air purifier

Immediately upon receiving the new IQ Air, I tested it to see how well the new HyperHEPA filters removed chemtrails. I noticed what seemed like a small difference in taste between the unfiltered (chemtrail-filled) air and the filtered air. It was as if some small component of the chemtrail mix was being remove, but overall it didn't make a significant difference.

It is my belief that the mercury component of certain chemtrail types, such as the "Acetone" type, are petroleum-based. Since mercury in vapor form is extremely fine and would not tend to descend, a petroleum solution would enable the vapor to fall to the ground. Furthermore, the petroleum makes the mist sticky so it adheres to people, animals, and plants. In short, the petroleum component is a deliver system.

The "oil slick in the sky" phenomenon that we often see is probably an artifact of this petroleum mist that refracts the light much like water makes a rainbow. This is probably why the sulfur-inpregnated carbon does not remove the mercury component from chemtrails; because the mercury is not immediately available for chelation. The oil changes the electrical charge of the solution so the sulfur does not react with the solution.

Like the original IQ Air, this one efficiently removes pollen, odors, and smoke from the air, but its effect on the taste and odor of chemtrails is minimal.

Home-Built Pall Ring Water-Based Air Purifier

Going back to the drawing board, I decided to revisit the concept of cleaning the air with water. After many hours of research on industrial air purification techniques, I came across industrial pall-ring purifiers. The concept is the same as cleaning the air with water (or some solution), but instead of using a fine mist of water, you're essentially using a turbulent waterfall to break the water into small particles so as to increase it's effective binding surface area.

A pall ring air purifier is essentially a thick pipe filled with obstacles, in this case pall rings. Pall rings are small, complex-shaped rings that are specifically designed to create the maximum amount of turbulence when liquids are passed through them. Water is pumped into the top of the pipe and falls through the pall rings creating a turbulent waterfall as it runs down. Air is then blown up through the pipe which collides with the oncoming solution which pulls impurities out of the air.

This type of air purification boasts that there is no minimum limit to the particle size that it traps. So long as the liquid solution you use chelates (binds to) the impurity you want to remove from the air, it works.

This type of air purification is used in industry. These devices are often many feet in diameter so they are impractical and unaffordable for home use. I decided to build a small one for home use.

Using large-diameter PVC pipe, I built a vertical-standing pipe that had a basin for water at the bottom. I filled it with pall rings and pumped water down through the pipe to create an enclosed waterfall. I then used a powerful blower to blow air up through the pipe from the bottom.

I found that it surprisingly difficult to force air up through the pall rings. My initial blower was much too weak and only provided a whimper of air coming out of the top of the pipe. After attaining a much more powerful blower, I tested the monstrosity.

The result was extremely humid air with only a small change in the amount of chemtrail odor and taste in the air. Because new chemtrail types did not react with water, I was not surprised by the result, so I had planned from the beginning of this project to try using different chelators in the water. I wanted to add something to the water that was safe to breath yet reacted with metals and mercury enough so as to remove them from the air as they passed through the device.

I first considered adding sulfur to the water as a chelator, but this smelled so bad that it was not usable. I then considered using zinc, but this was expensive and didn't seem to have much of an effect. I tried magnesium, and finally DMSA, neither of which seemed to help. Finally, because of the enormous amount of humidity that the device put into the air, I had to abandon it.

I had tried running a good dehumidifier in the room at the same time, but the dehumidifier was no match for the volume of water put into the air by the pall ring purifier. Plus all of the motors running in the room at the same time—a pump, a blower, and now a dehumidifier—raised the temperature in the room so much that I also had to run an air conditioner.

It's clear to me that this type of air purifier may very will work if you had a large enough pipe (waterfall), the right solution, and enough money to buy the power company, but in most home applications, it was not feasible.

Homedics BRT-150 Brethe Air Revitalizer

So far, the best success I had seen was using water to clean the air. It did work to some extent, but the key was to find a solution that would effectively clear several chemtrail types from the air. Since the Acetone chemtrail type was (at that time) the most harmful and common and because the Acetone chemtrail type seemed to be petroleum based, my next experiment was to try a solution that binds with oil... oil!

I also wanted to take a more conservative, and less expensive, approach. Instead of cleaning all of the air in my office all day, I would resort to wearing a wet mask during the day and cleaning only a small volume of air next to my bed at night. Since I can't wear a wet mask when I sleep, and since chemtrails ruin the quality of my life by ruining the quality of my sleep, I would focus my efforts to improving the air I breath at night.

The Homedics Air Revitalizer is a small, inexpensive, cheaply-made device that simply splashes water around a bowl while blowing air thorough it. It works on the same general principle as my home-built mist purifier but on a much smaller scale.

Homedics BRT-150 Brethe Air Revitalizer

I purchased several of these units and placed them by my bed at night while I slept. They helped to clear the air somewhat, but only worked on some chemtrail types. This was to be expected because previous experiments seemed to have no effect on oil-based chemtrails (called the "Acetone" type).

In an effort to chelate (bind) the oil-based chemtrails out of the air, I filled these little air purifiers with peanut oil instead of water. This was actually the first success that I had removing oil-based ("Acetone" type) chemtrails from the air, but there was a problem. Over a period of weeks, peanut oil coated my television, computer, air conditioner and other electronics, so I had to stop using oil in these devices immediately. Nevertheless, I had finally found something that cleared the difficult oil-based chemtrails from the air, at least to some degree.

I continued using water in these devices at night while I slept for a several more weeks until one of the units began arcing. I took the device apart and found the design to be dangerous. By simply knocking one of these units over, it would be possible to electrocute yourself. I stopped using them immediately.

I had been using peanut oil in my wet mask for some time now when these difficult oil-based chemtrails were sprayed, and it really helped. Based on the decreased intensity of the odor, taste, and related symptoms that occurred when I wore the mask, I believe at least 50% of the chemtrail contaminant was removed from the air. I used a peanut-oil wet mask for many months, but the peanut oil began ruining many washcloths and was difficult to work with. Plus, during heavy spraying, the washcloths would become saturated in about 15 minutes requiring me to prepare another set. I tried using a regular water-wetted washcloth against my face while using a peanut oil -wetted cloth on the outside against the painter's mask's inner surface, but preparation and cleanup was still difficult and messy.

Boomerang Air Sanitizer by Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine Products produces a small air ionizer that charges the air with a small lamp. Since a side-effect of this process is the production of ozone (O-3), this device removes the ozone using a patented ozone filter. The result is ionized air without the ozone that has been traditionally associated with devices of this type.

One of the advantages of air ionizers is that they charge the particles in the air and cause them to cling to surfaces, such as walls, floors or counter tops. This ionization process works with particulates of all sizes, so the Boomerang had the potential remove nano-sized chemtrail particulates from the air.

I purchased one of these devices hoping that it would help bring relief from chemtrails. Unfortunately, the amount of air that the device blows out is pretty small, and for a drafty old house like mine, even in my small bedroom, it didn't work to remove the taste and odor of chemtrails from the air. I put my face up to the exhaust and could taste and smell the "clean" scent of ionized air, but I could also taste and smell chemtrails as well. Of course, since the Boomerang doesn't filter particles out of the air, but rather charges them, it's not surprising that the exhaust still contained the taste and odor of chemtrails.

Although I think the device is an effective little air ionizer, the amount of air that it processes is too small except for well-sealed rooms.

The Rainbow

The Rainbow is a water-based vacuum cleaner that has been around for decades. Its design has evolved over the years, but the concept is the same: Air is cleaned by forcing it through a tub of water. The Rainbow is also marketed as an air purifier because it is so effective as cleaning the air.

I few years ago, I contacted Rainbow and asked them to set up a demonstration for me. After the demonstration, I was able to talk the salesman into letting me keep the Rainbow overnight so I could test it against our nightly assault of chemtrails.

I ran the device with clean, fresh water and put my face up to the exhaust. The air seemed to be a little better than the ambient, chemtrail-filled air, but I could still clearly smell and taste chemtrails.

I put the device in my bedroom and ran it overnight. I had to sleep with a pillow over my head because the Rainbow is pretty loud. Unfortunately, it didn't do a good job of removing the smell and taste of chemtrails from the air. It did seem to make a small difference, but not enough to make any significant difference in my health.

The Rainbow did add quite a bit of humidity to the air, but again, this is to be expected with any water-based air purifier.

I found it interesting that the Rainbow literature specifically states that it cannot remove drywall dust (which is based on aluminum) from the air. It essentially says that aluminum does not bind with water well enough for the aluminum to be removed when passing through the water-filled basin.

Ionic Air Turbo Pro

A couple years ago I flew down to Florida to visit family. I stayed at my mothers house as she has a large house with several guest rooms. Right outside the door was an Ionic Air Turbo Pro air purifier. This device charges particles in the air as they pass through the device. Then, charged plates attract the particles allowing only clean air through.

Of course, I saw this as an opportunity to see how well this purifier removed the odor and taste of chemtrails from the air. I put my face up to the exhaust and found that there was very little noticeable difference in the intensity of the chemtrail tastes and odors in the ambient air as there was in the exhaust air. I even used the device in my bedroom for a while and found that it made no real difference in the taste and odor of chemtrails in the air. I tried cleaning the charged plates several times to be sure the unit was operating at full efficiency, but it still didn't remove the chemtrails tastes and odors.

This device apparently emits a little ozone (O-3) which some people are sensitive to, including me, so it caused my sinuses and eyes to burn a little.

Unfortunately, this purifier does little to help remove chemtrail-related particulates from the air.


I have worked hard and spent a lot of money trying to find an air purifier that removes chemtrail particulates from the air. Unfortunately, I haven't found one.

I certainly believe that it's possible to remove nano particulates from the air. I believe a system that chelates the air with a liquid solution could certainly work. The solution would have to be mixed thoroughly with the air and then be thoroughly removed from the air before being emitted back into the room. To do this properly, you would need to move a large volume of air slowly through the machine utilizing motors to mix and the dehumidify the air. This device would be physically large and would use a lot of electricity. The device would also have to accommodate oil-based contaminants that some chemtrail types contain.

I also think it would be possible to remove chemtrail particulates using a charged plate system, much like the Ionic Air does, but again, you would have to move a large volume of slowly through a large field of charged plates or filters to attract enough nano-particles to make a significant different in the air quality. This too would require a physically large device and a lot of electricity.

I have no doubt that those spraying chemtrails have already developed air purification devices that remove nano-particles from the air. Large houses or mansions could accommodate these types of devices into their air circulation systems. All it takes is a lot of money, and they clearly have no shortage of that.

For the rest of us, I think supplementation and a wet mask are currently the most feasible methods of protecting ourselves from highly-toxic chemical aerosol particulates.


I built 1 other water-based purifier. Like the previous ones, it worked somewhat, but had the same humidity issues.