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My Chemtrail Heart Attack

This article was last updated May 9, 2015

Why do I share this information publicly?

1. Because I want to help people realize how dangerous chemtrails really are, and,
2. Because I want people to learn how they can protect themselves.

My ultimate goal is to see chemtrails end so my life—and the lives of so many others that I know—can return to normal. Until then, I suffer every minute of every day.

A Broken Heart

RussMonday morning, March 14th, 2011 just after midnight, I began to have intense pain in my heart. By 12:15 am, I was on the floor on my knees in pain, hyperventilating, with tears streaming down my face. By 12:20 am, Laura began driving me to the nearest hospital, a 40-minute drive.

On the way, she called 911 who suggested that we meet an ambulance at my relative's house which we were close to at the time. The ambulance would pick me up and bring me to a different hospital, one that specializes in cardiac medicine.

I walked slowly into my relative's house and waited for the ambulance. My relative works in the medical field and took my pulse which was racing at 122. The pain was still just as intense and I was still hyperventilating with tears streaming down my face.

The Ambulance Ride

AmbulanceThe ambulance arrived a bit later. The pain had subsided somewhat and my heart rate had decreased. They put me in a stretcher, carried me into the ambulance, and headed for the hospital.

This was my first ride ever in an ambulance. I was connected to an EKG machine and an EMT was carefully watching it the entire way. I asked him to tell me if he saw anything interesting and he said that there was definitely something wrong. He showed me the EKG paper-tape and said, "You see this line? Right here, it's supposed to be going up instead of down." My over-active guilt conscience felt a little validated.

I was feeling quite a bit better but still had some heart pain, so I figured I'd tell the EMT about chemtrails. I really wanted to see what his reaction would be because I know that my heart issues were caused by them.

When they spray the skies, my heart hurts and I experience arrhythmia. When the sky clears, my heart slows down and all of the pain goes away, not to mention the myriad of other issues that chemtrails cause me to suffer with.

Ambulance, InsideFor the next 10 minutes, I calmly and methodically recounted my experience with chemtrails; how I saw them, smelled them, tasted them, and how all of my health issues correlated with them. I spoke in a calm, matter-of-fact way; the way you would expect an eye witness to speak when they had witnessed a crime.

Not a word; not a look; not even a turn of the head. The entire time I was speaking, the EMT did not rotate his head away from the EKG readout. He didn't react, respond, nod his head, he gave no indication that I had even been speaking for the past 10 minutes.

It was clear to me that he was paralyzed by simple social fear. It was a sitcom moment. To any observer, it could have been really funny. I was not uncomfortable at all, only sad that people are so paralyzed when confronted by ideas outside their paradigm.

The Hospital

Eastern Maine Medical CenterWe rounded the last corner to the emergency room entrance. Time had passed quickly.

I was watching Laura out the back window as she followed the ambulance. Just before the final turn into the emergency room access road, a police car pulled her over, obviously for speeding. I later learned she explained the situation to the officer and was immediately let go.

I was briskly brought into an ICU room and given pills, oxygen, and connected to IV's. A cheery nurse monitored me every 10 minutes while Laura kept me company.

Once my pain was manageable and my vitals looked good, they wanted to move me into a regular hospital room, but all the rooms in the hospital were full. Imagine that. A business that is actually booming.

While in the emergency room, they kept testing my T-Enzymes and found that they spiked confirming that a heart attack had indeed occurred. My over-active guilt conscience felt even more validated.

A hospital room finally opened up later in the morning and I was moved into it.

The Stay

I was in the hospital 4 days which—other than the myriad of tests they performed on me—were pretty uneventful and boring. Laura brought me my wet mask and laptop so I could breath better and could connect to wifi and get some work done.

In the midst of this intense boredom, two things happened during my hospital stay that I want to share because I believe they are profoundly connected to chemtrails. They demonstrate the very real danger that chemtrails present to all of us.

Event # 1: "Your Potassium is Looooow"

X-RaysMy entire stay in the hospital was filled with tests; cardiac catheterization, electrocardiogram, blood tests, urine tests, MRIs, X-Rays, and cardiac ultrasound. They found nothing wrong apart from a slight, genetic heart murmur.

The cardiologist was so impressed that he said my arteries were "clear" and that they looked "remarkable" (his words) for someone my age. He said that none of the tests found anything wrong with my circulatory system or heart. However, I have learned that answers often come in small, seemingly insignificant moments.

One of those moments occurred one evening when my nurse came in with 4 enormous pills. I asked what they were and she said, "Potassium". I asked why I needed them. In a voice and tone that will stay with me for the rest of my life, she said, "Your potassium is looooow!". The tone of her voice dropped an octave and she scowled when she said "looooow". It would have been comical had she not been so deadly serious.

After having the hospital tests and discovering that there were no physical problems with my heart or circulatory system, I began to research potassium and discovered two remarkable things:

1. Low potassium can induce heart attacks.
2. Low potassium is induced by barium exposure.

Those 2 facts combined with the fact chemtrails contain barium made everything make sense:

I just had a chemtrail-induced heart attack.

Chemtrails over Bangor, MaineFor years before my heart attack, I had heart issues (pain, arrhythmia) when chemtrails were being sprayed. This pain was identical to my heart attack pain, just lower in intensity. When the air cleared, my heart issues and pain disappeared right along with it. Now it all made sense. Chemtrails contain a lot of barium (among other things) and that was depleting my potassium. The barium particulates being sprayed are small enough to pass through the lungs directly into the bloodstream, so when I was being sprayed, it was just like being vaccinated with barium. Chemtrails are a literal toxic vaccination from the sky.

The only remaining question was, "Why now?" Why did this heart attack suddenly choose this day to occur after I had been sprayed for years. I already knew the answer.

This weekend had been different from any other.

Downtown Bangor, MaineI live about 40 minutes from Bangor, Maine, so when I need supplies or groceries, I drive into Bangor to get them. I had spent the two days immediately before the heart attack (Saturday and Sunday - My heart attack was Sunday night) in Bangor, but on both days, I forgot to bring my wet mask to help me breath the chemtrail-filled air. I virtually always wear a wet mask when driving into Bangor, but for these two entire days I was without it. Furthermore, these two days were very heavy spray days. This is what triggered the heart attack.

Armed with this information, I was now able to put together a supplement program to help my heart maintain its supply of vital potassium. Now, I am sure to bring my wet mask into Bangor, and bring potassium and Taurine, an amino acid that helps the heart maintain balanced magnesium and potassium levels.

I also discovered that chemtrails cause inflammation in me which explains my immediate heart pain (and joint and muscle pain) when I'm exposed to them. I counter this inflammatory reaction with anti-inflammatory herbs that have worked wonderfully. I also found that Bromelain—an anti-inflammatory enzyme found in pineapples—helps tremendously with the joint pain. I literally have 80% joint pain relief within 10 minutes of taking it.

I know I will receive specific questions about my supplements and doses, so I am including them here.

Once I begin to smell and taste chemtrails:

- I experience joint pain within 30 to 60 seconds. Often the pain is strong enough to restrict my movement. To control this, I take 4 capsules of Bromelain (500 mg per capsule).

- My heart begins to hurt within 60 to 120 seconds. Physical exertion or fatty foods rapidly multiply the pain which feels just like a cold headache ("brain freeze" except in my heart). I believe this indicates a lack of oxygen caused by inflammation of heart tissue and/or arteries. I get relief by taking 8 to 10 capsules (465 mg of a proprietary herbal blend per capsule) of a Chinese anti-inflammatory herbal combination called IF-C.

- My heart begins to skip beats or to periodically beat in double-time (often causing considerable sudden dizziness) within 3 minutes. This problem stops within 7-10 minutes of taking 8 capsules of Potassium (42 mg per capsules, plus proprietary helper herbs) and 3 capsules of Taurine (850 mg per capsule).

- I get a horrible headache within 5 minutes. About half the time, I get 80% or more relief by taking 6 to 8 capsules (291 mg per capsule) of concentrated Feverfew herb.

This is not medical advice. Please seek the help of a qualified medical professional when supplementing.

There is one other thing I want to share about potassium.

Roughly around the time (2005) that the U.S. government began paying $996 million for what they labeled "Aircraft Services" (many believe this sudden expense marks the dramatic expansion of widespread chemtrail operations), the FDA severely limited the amount of potassium allowed in over-the-counter supplements to 99 milligrams per capsule. This tiny amount of potassium—compared to the 4000+ mg you should receive daily—is insufficient to help people overcome the potentially lethal danger of barium-induced potassium deficiency.

Event # 2: The Night of the Chemtrails

Hospital HallwayContrary to what many people believe, inside air is outside air. It only takes 10 to 30 minutes for outside air to become inside air, so if chemtrails are being sprayed outside, I will smell and taste them inside in a short amount of time.

During my stay at the hospital, the air was consistently thick with chemtrails, but Tuesday night was much worse. At about 9 pm we were sprayed really hard so that the taste and smell were overwhelming. It was very painful for me, even with my wet mask on.

At that same time, I was scheduled for a urine test and was told that the sample had to be delivered to the lab within 45 minutes or it would be invalid. The nurse gave me the sample container and said he would be right back to get it. I provided the sample and waited about 20 minutes.

Did you know that barium is used to induce heart attacks in animal testing labs?

Worried that the sample would become unusable, I pressed the "call" button. An attendant on the intercom responded that my nurse would be back shortly to get the sample. About 30 minutes later, I called again and the attendant told me the same thing. I hate to be a pain, so I decided not to call again. The urine sample was invalid by now anyway.

Over the next several hours, my I.V. alarm kept going off and no one showed up to stop it, so I found a "silent alarm" button on the control panel and pressed it. That kept it quiet for about 10 minutes, so I just kept pressing it over and over for hours.

The Missing NurseIt was now the middle of the night (perhaps 3 am) and the nurse finally showed up looking exhausted and frazzled. He apologized saying that it had been crazy. He said that earlier that evening—about the time he dropped off my urine sample jar—several patients suddenly began having serious respiratory and heart issues all at the same time and that he had been called to help.

This is the pattern I have witnessed since I first experienced daily chemtrail spraying in 2005: About 20 minutes after visible spraying begins, I taste and smell chemtrails in the air. Shortly thereafter, I feel horrible.

People who can't taste or smell chemtrails are affected as well. They get headaches, feel tired or fatigued, get joint pain, and much more. Children get hyper, aggressive, unfocused, undisciplined, whiny, and often rebellious.

As for me, my heart and joints hurt, I feel fatigued and tired, I get narcoleptic, my heart rate increases, my sinuses burn, and many other symptoms begin. These symptoms always occur in proportion to the intensity of the taste and smell of chemtrails in the air.

Because of my long history of watching people react to chemtrails (regardless of whether or not they can smell or taste them), I have no doubt that those patients in the hospital had their severe symptoms because of the intense chemtrail spraying that occurred at the same time that same night. The saddest thing is that they will never be able to associate their diseases with chemicals simply because they cannot smell or taste them.


I'm not surprised by the breakfast I received while in the hospital for my heart attack, but I did want to mention it here because it shows how far behind some fundamental aspects of medical care are today.

My breakfast came each morning with a card attached that said it was a special breakfast designed by a dietician specifically for cardiac patients. Besides the eggs and toast with jelly, it included a large cup of coffee with artificial sweetener, oatmeal with a serving of brown sugar, and some kind of sweet roll.

Needless to say, coffee and sugar are about the worst things you can possibly serve to a cardiac patient not to mention inflammatory wheat products and artificial sweeteners.

Again, I was astonished, but not surprised... But the people were nice :)

Going Home

Too Many Drugs!I was released from the hospital Thursday evening with two prescriptions and a confession from the cardiologist that he had no idea what caused my heart attack.

One prescription was designed to lower my chronically-elevated heart rate. Having done my research, I already knew that barium—one of the metals found in chemtrails—raises blood pressure and elevates heart rate (as does inflammation), but I didn't tell the cardiologist that. My elevated heart rate only occurs when chemtrails are present in the air. In the rare moments when the air clears, my heart slows down and beats much more quietly (not to mention that all my physical pain goes away).

I reluctantly filled the $200 prescription. Upon taking my first dose, I became so dizzy, exhausted, and unable to focus that I was virtually unable to perform even simple computer work. No more drugs for me.

Although I appreciate all of the effort of the cardiologist, I think it's unwise to prescribe drugs to lower heart rate when you have no idea what is causing it to be elevated in the first place. Without knowing the cause, how can you properly solve a problem?

And Now

The Road AheadAs I write this, it's been almost a year since the heart attack.

Although I still have chronic pain and a list of other health issues—every single one caused by chemtrails—I have been successful in maintaining my ability to be productive. I take about 50 herbal supplements and vitamins a day. I also juice and do other things to strengthen my heart and detox heavy metals from my body.

The most frustrating part of knowing my heart attack was induced by chemtrails is that most people will never make the connection between their health issues and chemtrails for one simple reason: They can't smell or taste chemtrails. Only about 3% of the population can do that, and I am one of them. This makes it trivial for me to identify the correlation between my health issues (and those around me) and chemtrails. For everyone else, well, I'm the canary in the coal mine, and I'm trying to get their attention.

I sincerely hope that those responsible for the chemtrail holocaust will be held responsible for these historic crimes, and I also hope that my friends and family will become more willing to face the reality of chemtrails and of the many other corruptions that exist today. As ironic as it is, the unwillingness of the public to research—and therefore believe—that chemtrails exist, is the very reason they still exist.

4 Jets in Formation Spraying Chemtrail in Bangor, MaineI'm concerned that the blood of those who die from chemtrails is not only on the hands of those who buy and fly the jets, but also on the hands of those who refuse to acknowledge their existence. As one who narrowly escaped being depopulated, I am truly frustrated by those who remain willfully ignorant while falsely believing they have escaped responsibility.

Do you know anyone who has died of cancer, a heart attack, an aneurysm, or any of the other 200+ diseases known to be associated with heavy metal toxicity? If so, then you likely know someone who did not escape depopulation. Yes, the side effects of these toxic metals have been known to science and professionally presented to governments for decades. Only recently has this information become widely known to the public.


Below is a growing collection of responses to this article and to chemtrails in general.

In 2009 I had heart failure and was almost gone but now doing very well with the help of a holistic cardiologist and my medical nutritionist.

I believe it was caused by the chemtrails that are sprayed in our skies because I saw this red haze (I was sitting in the sun in Harrisburg, Pa) but did not go inside and the next day I was extremely sick for weeks and slowing went downhill until my son rushed me to the emergency room. 

So be aware of the chemical trails (chem-trails) that the governments are spraying all over the world. It seems there is plan to rid the world of humans with diseases, bad food, vaccines, police killings, and so much more bad stuff.

—Biochemist, Author

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