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How Persistent Aerosol Plumes are Being Changed to Short Non-Persistent Plumes To Fool the Public

This article was last updated May 15, 2016

Locations Where Plumes Changed Overnight

Bangor, Maine

Jamestown, New York

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whistleblower Exposes Short, Non-Persistent Chemtrails

A whistle blower working inside ongoing aerosol operations said,

"I would not be as worried about the aerosols they are spraying as the chemicals they are adding to the aerosols to make them dissipate quickly (non-persistent)."

Pilots Thank Me For Exposing Chemical Aerosols

Since the writing of my series of articles exposing contrails, multiple professional airline pilots have contacted me and thanked me for my stance against the contrail deception.

All of them told me personally that they have never seen trails come out of jet engines and that they appreciate my work exposing the disinformation about contrails. Every one of these pilots knew that contrails are so rare that most people will never see one in their lifetime, and if they do occur, they are at high altitudes that cannot be seen from the ground.

Each of these professional pilots have flown most of their lives and have always had a deep interest in aviation. Some of them fly mainstream commercial jets while others fly large jets for major parcel carriers.

If you are a pilot and would like to share information with me, please feel free to contact me any time. I'm always happy to hear from experienced professionals in the field.

Hiding Chemtrails

Those spraying chemtrails would like nothing more than for you to believe that short, non-persistent plumes coming out of jets are harmless contrails. If they convince you of this, then you will ignore these plumes and allow them to spray you without objection, and this is exactly what they want. Beware of those who claim that short plumes emitted by aircraft are "contrails".


RussThose spraying chemtrails would like nothing more than for you to believe that short, non-persistent plumes coming out of jets are harmless contrails.

If they convince you of this, then, when upgrades in equipment allow them to spray chemtrails which produce only short, non-persistent plumes, you will be convinced that they are perfectly harmless.

These upgrades in equipment are already occurring. Non-persistent chemtrails are now appearing all over the world.

But that's not the end of the story. Now, people in many areas are reporting no visible chemtrails at all. Have they gone away? No. They have only gone high-altitude.

I have personally witnessed chemtrails change from:

(1) Persistent chemtrails, to

(2) Non-persistent chemtrails, to

(3) Non-visible chemtrails (high-altitude chemtrails not visible from the ground),

and because I have a sensitive sense of smell and taste, I have an important story to tell.

This article covers a lot of ground. I hope it helps raise awareness about the new tactics used to hide chemtrails from the public.

Sensitive People Still Smelling Chemtrails Even Under Blue Skies

I'm not the only person who smells and tastes chemtrails as much or more now than when they covered the skies daily. Many write messages to me expressing how they smell and taste them even under blue skies.

According to some whistleblowers, governments began using dispersants that cause the trails to dissipate much faster so as to keep them out of public sight, and according to the whistleblowers, the dispersants are even more toxic than some of the trails themselves.

Below is one of those messages:

"Don't see the trails as often these days, but the smells are still very much there, often stronger then ever --- I get awful headaches, go out and smell the air and voila, the odor is there, so for sure they are spraying as heavily as ever or more so and the trails, as a whistleblower pilot recently said, have gone increasingly invisible." —B.

Being Able To Smell and Taste Chemtrails

After having had contact with hundreds of chemtrail observers all over the world for years, I have determined that between 2% and 5% of the population are able to smell and taste chemtrails. I am one of them.

For other people, it is less noticeable. For example, when the air burns my sinuses and tastes like metal to the point that it interferes with my ability to work, my business partner - a normal "non-sensitive" person - just begins to be able to smell and taste them.

Being able to taste and smell chemtrails (and to experience the horrible symptoms associated with them) has helped me to understand that the short trails that people see today (which some people call "contrails") are not contrails at all. These trails have a strong metallic-chemical taste, plus, they cause all of the same symptoms that persistent chemtrails do. In short, chemtrails have been given a new face.

Contrails Are Extremely Rare

I have been a sky watcher most of my life (30+ years) and I have never seen a contrail. Not once. Not ever.

I grew up in one of the busiest air spaces in the world (Tampa Bay area) and have watched literally thousands upon thousands of jets throughout the years. I've seen jets at different altitudes. I've seen fighter jets from MacDill Air Force Base fly overhead many times. I've seen everything from small charters to large 747s and I can tell you with certainly that I have never - not one time - seen a trail come out of a jet.

Tampa Bay International Airport:
One of the busiest and most advanced airports in the world.

I lived on a military base for a while. I also visited family on other military bases and have always watched the sky. I have never seen a trail come out of a jet. Not once. Not ever.

Chemtrails Suddenly Change Overnight

I lived in Jamestown, New York from 2003 to 2008. In 2008 I moved near Bangor, Maine.

I witnessed the beginning of widespread chemtrail spraying in Jamestown in 2005. During this time I began having sudden, dramatic health symptoms. These symptoms occurred only when spraying occurred. Not before. Not hours after. My health symptoms began within seconds of the salty-metallic taste in the air which occurred about 30 minutes after visible spraying began.

These pictures show one of the worst chemtrail attacks I've ever experienced in Jamestown, New York on October 9, 2007. Everything you see in the sky came out of jets. During this event, there was a horrible salty-metallic taste in the air. The first two pictures were taken downtown directly in front of the Jamestown Post Office. The third picture was taken directly over my house just a few minutes later. The last picture was taken as the chemtrails began to dissipate.

During this time, I witnessed the following pattern over and over again for years:

1. Chemtrails became visible in the sky.

2. About 20 minutes later, a salty-metallic taste filled the air.

3. Immediately upon detecting this salty-metallic taste in the air, my health symptoms began.

4. When the salty-metallic taste in the air declined, my health symptoms declined accordingly.

5. When the salty-metallic taste in the air was gone, my health symptoms were completely gone within 1 hour. I felt fantastic again.

This pattern was always the same. It never changed.

Non-Persistent ChemtrailMoving from Jamestown to Bangor (I was forced to move because of the illnesses caused by chemtrails) provided me with an extremely valuable observation. In both cities, chemtrails turned from long to short, non-persistent trails overnight.

I believe the observations which were made in two cities at two different times are extremely important and valuable because there is a strong movement today to persuade people that contrails are normal and common. People are being conned into believing that the new short, non-persistent chemtrails are harmless contrails.

This is a very dangerous deception. Think about what will happen if the next generation grows up believing that contrails are normal, common, and harmless. If this happens, spraying will continue right in front of their eyes and they will never suspect that anything is wrong.

In the following sections, I provide important details about my observations regarding the sudden change from persistent chemtrails to non-persistent chemtrails, and the associated deception that is taking place.

Bangor, Maine

I moved to the Bangor, Maine area in April of 2008. Throughout the following year, large chemtrail plumes covered the sky nearly every single day. Massive spraying was an expected daily occurrence.

In April 2010, chemtrails suddenly changed from large persistent plumes to very short, non-persistent plumes; the kind of plumes that some people believe are "contrails".

The scheduling (frequency) of the large, unmarked, silver chemtrail jets did not change, but the long, persistent chemtrails now only appeared 3 to 4 days per month. This was an extremely-dramatic change that I hoped would get the attention of my friends and family. Unfortunately, it didn't.

Jamestown, New York

I witnessed this same event in Jamestown many months earlier, except there was a 4 day break without chemtrails between. After the 4-day break, the non-persistent plumes appeared almost exclusively. My thought was that the 4-day break was due to some type of equipment change. Just as in Bangor, the persistent plumes in Jamestown would still appear just a few days each month, but the daily routine now only involved short, non-persistent plumes.

The horrible odors and tastes in the air were so intense that I continued to have muscle/joint pain, headaches, insomnia, and heart pain (and more). I was forced to move out of Jamestown in 2008 in an attempt to recover my health.

At the time of the move, I was literally limping because of the joint pain. I was also fearful that my heart - which suffers severe pain when chemtrails are sprayed - would stop beating. Severe chemtrail spraying gave me all of the physical signs of an impending heart attack. These signs disappeared as soon as the air cleared, every single time.

Update July 2014: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I spent a lot of time in Philadelphia in 2014. During this time, spraying was so heavy that the entire area looked like a war zone. I remember flying in for the first time and being astounded that people weren't standing up asking about the decimation of the skies.

As I write this, it's early July, 2014 and all of this has changed. Now, the sky contains plenty of chemtrail artifacts, but virtually no long persistent plumes are visible. Just like the dramatic changes I saw in Jamestown and later in Bangor, they are apparently attempting to hide the spraying from the public by making plumes much harder to see.

Just as in Jamestown and Bangor, there are a few days of the month that long-persistent trails are visible, but most days, only small, non-persistent trails are visisble at higher altitudes, and of course, the massive "milky-sky" artifacts are visible daily, but most people don't realize that those are caused by the fallout from chemical aerosols.

So now this is the third place that I've lived that has seen a sudden change in spraying patterns to make this crime less visible to the public.

Non-Persistent Chemtrails Change To "No-Trails"

In April 2010, chemtrails disappeared on all but a few days each month. We are actually having clear-blue skies on many days throughout the month. Compared to the day-after-day barrage of non-persistent chemtrails, this is truly a dramatic change.

There are still non-persistent chemtrails visible on many days throughout the month. There are even persistent chemtrails still visible a few days each month, but most/many days are perfectly clear, and after years of daily non-stop spraying, this is profound change. Of couse, the sky is filled with chemtrail fallout ("geoengineering artifacts") that is caused when higher-altitude spraying condenses into lower layers of warmer air.

At exactly the same time that the interspersed clear days began to appear, there was a new type of chemtrail taste/odor in the air. This new taste was very similar to the "chemical" type of chemtrail that had been so common for the past several years (especially during rain), but this new type had a more bitter taste to it. It also caused a few new symptoms including a scratchy, sore throat and minor—but continuous—sinus and respiratory infections. It seemed that there was a biological component to this new chemtrail type (click here to find out how I detected the biological component). We also found that it suppressed the immune system.

We have named this new chemtrail type the "Swamp Water" type, based on its taste and odor, which was something like a mix between mushrooms and algae.

During this same period of time, I began receiving reports that clear skies began appearing in several eastern states on several days each month. Chemtrail watchers began hailing, "Chemtrails have stopped!"

Unfortunately, chemtrails had not stopped. The continued taste and odor of chemtrails on clear days made it obvious to me that they were still being sprayed. The only question was, "Why can't we see them?"

High-Altitude Spraying

There are 3 factors that led me to believe that the reason we could not see chemtrails on these clear days was because they were being sprayed at high altitudes:

1. Plume Size

2. Edge Resolution

3. Geoengineering Artifacts (artificial clouds, or "chemtrail fallout")

Below, I discuss these in detail.

1. Plume Size

"Plume Size" refers to the actual physical size of a chemtrails plume. I was able to estimate plume size relative to other chemtrails types using the following method.

When driving into Bangor from my house, I have to drive along route 9 which is a winding road that heads east-west. This happens to be the same road that the chemtrail jets fly along when they enter the U.S. from Canada. The jets enter the U.S. just south of Cialis, Maine and then they fly west along route 9 into Bangor and Orono.

The diagram above shows the flight path of jets emitting chemtrails relative to route 9. Jets enter the U.S. from Canada south of Calais. They fly west towards Bangor and Orono. They metallic-tasting trails they emit descend and spread out over time.

The jets fly in a straight line but the road is curvy. So, while driving along the road, on certain nights, I noticed that we would literally drive in and out of chemtrail plumes.

As we curved to the south, we would drive out of a plume for a few minutes, then, as we curved back to the north, we would drive back into a plume. The plume would then drift south (the prevailing wind is from the north-west) and we would remain within the plume for a while regardless of what winding we encountered. After a short time, our north-bound curves would bring is out of the southward-drifting chemtrail and our south-bound curves would drive us back into it. This makes perfect sense when you consider the straight track of the jets, the winding track of the road, and the wind direction.

Although these plumes are large, they are - obviously - a finite size. Common sense dictates that plumes will spread out as they descend from their release altitude. Since their release altitude has traditionally been quite low, it's no surprise that chemtrail plumes have traditionally been relatively small; small enough to drive in and out on a winding road.

As chemtrails descend, the size of the plume increases. The higher the plume was released, the larger the plume will be when it reaches ground level.

However, in April of this year, when the new chemtrail type began (a.k.a. "Swamp Water"), I discovered that the plume size for this chemtrail type was enormous. It was no longer possible to drive in-to and out-of this chemtrail type. The odor and taste extended over long distances.

Because plumes increase in size as they descend from the sky, and because the new "Swamp Water" type chemtrails had much larger plumes at ground level, it's logical to conclude that this new chemtrail type was being sprayed from high altitudes. When you consider the fact that the new chemtrail taste/odor is present even when the sky is clear and no jets are visible, you have even more evidence for high-altitude chemtrails.

Of course, considering all of the attention that chemtrails have received over the past several years, it makes sense that the military would want prevent chemtrails from being visible from the ground: "Out of sight; out of mind."

2. Edge Resolution

Chemtrail plumes have an "edge".

When an aerosol is first sprayed, the "edge" of the plume is sharp. This means the density of the aerosol varies greatly within a small distance. So, if you were flying just a few feet outside of the plume, you would not smell or taste it. If you were flying just a few feet inside the plume, the taste and odor would be strong (for those of us with sensitive senses).

As chemtrails descend, the edge resolution decreases. In other words, the edge of the chemtrail loses its definition as it spreads out. At ground level, this causes the intensity levels to change more gradually over time and over distances.

As the aerosol descends to the ground, its edges fan out and become less defined. In other words, the edges lose their resolution. Therefore, we can theorize that high-altitude chemtrails will vary in density only a little in a given distance by the time they reach the ground.

With this in mind, we can draw the following conclusion:

The edge resolution is inversely proportional to the altitude sprayed. In other words, the higher a plume is sprayed, the less defined its edges are when it reaches the ground.

When I realized that this new chemtrail type had very low edge resolution, I concluded that it must have been released from a high altitude.

Keep in mind that - viewed from behind the jet - the edge of a plume occurs essentially in 2 dimensions: height and width. There is no practical edge along the z-axis (depth) because the plume is continuous. In other words, if you were standing directly behind a jet, the emitted plume would be roughly the shape of an ellipse. The distance from the left edge to the right edge is the width. The distance from the top edge to the bottom edge is the height. There is no edge on the z-axis (depth) until the plume is turned off or on.

Because the resolution of all edges of the plume decreases as the plume descends, we can expect to find another artifact of high-altitude chemtrails: low bottom-edge resolution.

If we are in a stationary position, as the chemtrail plume descends, it will take a certain amount of time for the intensity of the odor/taste to increase to its full intensity. If it takes a short amount of time for the odor/taste to increase, then it's likely that the chemtrail was sprayed at a low altitude. If it takes a long time for the odor/taste to increase, then it's likely that it was sprayed at a high-altitude because the bottom edge of the plume has lost resolution.

This graph displays the relative intensity cycle of low-altitude chemtrails vs. high-altitude chemtrails. Low altitude chemtrails change in intensity similar to a sawtooth wave. High-altitude chemtrails change more gradually because of their decreased edge resolution and increased plume size. All former chemtrails types have exhibited the low-altitude intensity cycle. At the time of this writing, only the "Swamp Water" chemtrail type has followed the high-altitude intensity cycle.

The new "Swamp Water" type of chemtrail has a very low edge resolution on both the X (sides) and Y (bottom) axis, so this is yet another indicator that they are being sprayed from a high-altitude.

3. Geoengineering Artifacts

Being a life-long skywatcher, I know what clouds look like when they form, and I know what they look like when they dissipate. Now that I've watched chemtrails for 5 years, I've observed how chemtrail spraying interacts with - and actually forms - clouds.

When short, non-persistent chemtrails are sprayed, the chemtrails themselves dissipate within seconds and are no longer visible. However, after repeated spraying in the same area, clouds begin to form below the flight paths of the chemtrail jets. These clouds are an example of "Geoengineering Artifacts".

To the casual observer, geoengineering artifacts seem like other clouds, but to the experienced eye, they are dramatically different.

These are pictures of normal skies. Those who are old enough will remember day-after-day of clear blue skies in both the winter and summer, and especially at night. When cumulous clouds formed, they were sharp, clearly-defined, and contrasted dramatically with the deep-slue sky.

Chemtrail-induced clouds (geoengineering artifacts) form below the area in which chemtrails are being sprayed. Therefore, when we see geoengineering artifacts, we know that chemtrails are being sprayed roughly above the area of their formation.

Even if we can't see the chemtrails being sprayed, we know they are there because of the presence of these artificial cloud formations. For this reason, geoengineering artifacts are yet another evidence that chemtrail spraying continues even though daily-spray activity is often no longer visible.

Here are just a few examples of geoengineering artifacts. These are not natural clouds. These are artificial artifacts that remain after chemtrails have been sprayed. From left to right: "Dissipation Plumes", "Circulation Plume", "Aged Dissipation Plumes", "Pulled Cotton". Please see the Geoengineering Artifacts information page for many more examples.

Additionally, being a person that can smell and taste chemtrails in the air, and being a person that feels dramatic (sometimes life-threatening) health effects from chemtrails, I have discovered this astounding fact:

Since the time that chemtrails suddenly became non-visible (April, 2010 in our area), the smell in the air, the taste in the air, and the symptoms associated with chemtrails are all generally proportional to the density of geoengineering artifacts (chemtrail-induced clouds) present in the sky. The smell, taste, and symptoms precede the induced clouds by 30 to 90 minutes, but generally, this fact stands true with few exceptions. The few exceptions are probably due to certain conditions in the atmosphere that hinder the formation of clouds, even in the presence of condensation nuclei.

In conclusion, geoengineering artifacts provide us with yet another indicator that chemtrails are still present even when they are not visible.

It is extremely unfortunate that geoengineering artifacts are so common today that much of the general public accepts them as natural clouds. To make matters worse, the government propaganda machine is actively working to convince the public geoengineering artifacts are natural clouds.

NASA Disinformation: Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren

Not only this, but production companies are churning out movies for children that get children used to seeing chemtrails:

Over the Hedge
Open Season

Because it is so very important to understand the difference between natural clouds and geoengineering artifacts, we have created a page specifically to help you identify these highly-toxic artificial structures:

Geoengineering Artifacts

Visual Confirmation

I have not flown in about 12 years, but in an interesting twist of fate, I flew to Florida in May 2010; just 1 month after the new high-altitude, "Swamp Water" chemtrail made its appearance (or better said, "non-appearance"). This was exciting because it gave me the opportunity to test my theory about the existence of high-altitude chemtrails.

Over the years, I have flown commercially many times. I've also flown non-commercially because our family owned small planes and did skydiving. I even took flying lessons, so I know pretty well what the view should look like from the sky.

Sure enough, during the flight I witnessed chemtrails being sprayed at high altitudes. We were flying at 32,000 feet (according to the Captian) and the chemtrail jets were about 1,000 feet above us. After counting 12 chemtrail jets early in the flight, I stopped counting.

Here are just a few photos that I took on the flight. The iridescent haze was intense, and in all of the years of flying, I've never seen this before. A couple picture actually show chemtrails jets spraying at high altitudes (about 1,000 feet above us). We were flying at 32,000 feet at the time.

This was the confirmation that I needed. Chemtrails were - and are now - being released at high altitudes. This is clearly the reason they are no longer visible from the ground yet I can still smell and taste them in the air.

There will continue to be disinformationalists who try to convince people that chemtrails have always been visible at high altitudes. In my experience, in all of the flying that I've done, I can tell you that - before chemtrails - I have never seen trails come out of jets at high or low altitudes. Never. Not once. Not ever.

Chemtrails In the Cabin

Before the flight, I wondered with intense curiosity if the air in the cabin of the jet would be free from the odor and taste of chemtrails.

If chemtrails were being sprayed at altitudes higher than commercial flights, then I would expect the cabin air to have the taste and odor of chemtrails. If chemtrails were being sprayed at altitudes lower than commercial flights, then I would expect the cabin to be free from the taste and odor of chemtrails.

The verdict: The taste and odor of chemtrails were present in the cabin during the entire flight.

Again, this makes sense because chemtrails were being sprayed above us. We were literally flying through the haze created by them. Not surprisingly, the chemtrail taste and odor in the cabin of the aircraft was the new "Swamp Water" type. This also makes sense because this is the type that has the enormously-large plume size and low edge resolution at ground level (as described earlier). In short, they spread out into a vast haze as they descend from high altitudes.

This is yet another confirmation of high-altitude chemtrails.

The Horrible Haze

From the Ground

There is a difference to the look of the sky today even when no chemtrails are visible. It's hazy. Even on very dry days when you would expect to see for tens-of-miles, there is something in the air limiting visibility.

Not only this, but the sky looks lighter than is used to. Deep blue skies from years past have all but disappeared. People on social networks all over the internet continue to comment about the sky losing its color and depth.

Again, there is no mystery here. When you realize that chemtrails are now being sprayed at high altitudes, these changes in the atmosphere are to be expected.

From the Air

There was a horrible haze visible during the entire flight. The haze seemed to glow with an iridescent-metallic shimmer that made the entire Earth look as if it was being fumigated with glowing dust. I could see fresh chemtrails being sprayed throughout the flight. The enormous plumes slowly dissolved into the unending haze. The picture to the left is one of many that I took during the flight that show this global haze.

My memories of flying years ago consist of clear, deep-blue skies and seemingly unending visibility. From 32,000 feet, the air had a clarity and purity that ingrained itself upon my memory. The hazy-metallic skies that I witnessed throughout this flight were surreal. In all of my years of flying, I have never seen anything like this.

Geographic Chemtrail Fallout Intensity Profile

After flying from Maine to Florida and then back again in May 2010, I took another trip to Florida about a month later, but this time I drove. During all of this traveling, I continuously observed the intensity of the new "Swamp-Water" chemtrail type.

My first 2 observations were made in flight, at 32,000 feet. My second 2 observations were made on the ground while driving. Both observations were based on taste and smell. To my surprise, the pattern remained virtually identical regardless of altitude (with one small exception outlined below).

The scale I use to gauge chemtrail intensity ranges from 0 (zero) to 10. Zero indicates that there is no chemtrail taste/odor in the air. 10 indicates that the taste/odor is so intense that I cannot physically breath the air.

Following is the intensity profile that I observed during these trips.

This graph shows the relative intensity of chemtrails in the air along the eastern seaboard. Throughout 4 separate trips along the same basic path, the intensity of the high-altitude "Swamp Water "chemtrails was nearly identical. From this information, one may conclude that chemtrail intensity generally increases with population.

The intensity in Maine was about 4. Intensity increased to between 6 and 8 over Boston, New York, and Washington.

The intensity in South Carolina dropped dramatically and was by far the mildest at level 1.

The intensity in Georgia increased to level 2 and 3.

The level-2/3 intensity continued until I reached north-central Florida (perhaps 75 miles north of Tampa).

Central Florida is the only place that the intensity varied from one trip to another. On my first trip, the level in this area was between 6 and 8 - very intense. On my second, third, and final trip, the "Swamp Water" chemtrail intensity in this area was at about level 3 to 4.

The interesting conclusion that I draw from my observations about chemtrail intensity along the eastern coastal states is this: Generally speaking, higher population areas are hit with higher sustained chemtrail intensity.


Geoengineering (the name used by the government for chemtrail-related operations) has been a "secret" operation, but because it has been openly visible for years, a significant portion of the public began to notice and to ask questions.

The government has attempted to keep chemtrails out of the mind of the public by making most of them non-persistent (short). In Maine, this occurred in April, 2009.

The government further attempted to remove chemtrails from public awareness by moving more of them to high-altitudes. Although some non-persistent chemtrails remain at low altitudes, they are fewer in number. In Maine, this change occurred in April, 2010.

The government continues its propaganda campaign to normalize chemtrails. This campaign claims that non-persistent chemtrails are "contrails" consisting of only water vapor. They make little attempt to explain the odors and tastes in the air, nor do they attempt to explain skyrocketing aluminum levels in soils.

We are living in a monumental time. Corruption, scandals, and disinformation are at an all-time high. Governments around the world are attempting to grab power and control the public at an unprecedented rate, but of all the evils we are experiencing in this time, nothing is more harmful or deadly than chemtrails (a.k.a. "geoengineering").

When the survivors of this time tell stories about these events to future generations, those people will raise their eyebrows in astonishment asking, "Why on Earth would people ever allow this to happen? What was wrong with them?" The answer that will be given is simple: They were selfish, they were apathetic, or "They were drugged."


In this article I documented how I've witnessed persistent chemtrails turn into non-persistent chemtrails twice, in two different locations, and at two different times.

I witnessed that the odor, taste, and intensity of low-altitude chemtrails remained virtually the same after the change, and how the descent time as well as the list of associated health symptoms were the same after the change from persistent to non-persistent chemtrails. I also witnessed the same type of silver, unmarked jets that sprayed persistent chemtrails spraying non-persistent chemtrails after the change.

Before this dramatic change, I witnessed persistent chemtrail plumes making the sky overcast virtually every day for years, then I witnessed the skies suddenly change and become virtually persistent-chemtrail-free overnight, yet the same silver unmarked jets continued to fly, one after another on the same flight path and on the same predictable schedules.

Today, a few people claim that they've seen non-persistent contrails all of their life. I believe these people each fall into one of these three categories:

(1) Those who actually saw short, non-persistent chemtrails in the past and were told (and believed) that they were condensation trails ("contrails"). Keep in mind that chemtrails have been in use since the Vietnam war, so it's inevitable that a few people would have seen them.

(2) Those who didn't see "contrails", but feel tremendous social pressure to believe that they did. They cave under the pressure and begin to believe they "must have" seen "contrails" even though they have no specific memory of it.

(3) Those who are contracted by the government to spread disinformation (lies) to convince the public that non-persistent chemtrails are: (a) condensation trails (contrails consisting of water vapor), and (b) that they are "normal" and "harmless".

The Great World-View War

The key fact to keep in mind is this: There is a very-real battle for your faith today; a battle to control "what you believe" - your world view. The reason this world view is so critical is because it controls every aspect of what you do. Every day, your world view influences every decision you make. When you understand the true nature of this great war, then you understand that the real objective of this war is control.

Considering the enormous affect your world view has on you, ask yourself:

Did you create your world view, or did it form "automatically" based on the information you have been exposed to throughout your life?

If you find that your world-view formed "automatically" based on the information you were exposed to, then ask yourself:

Is that information (textbooks, news, magazines, etc.) accurate? Who is "in charge" of that information? Are they looking out for my best interest?

Consider this:

What if this information was "spoon fed" to you to cause you to form a world view that directed you to act in a way that was in someone else's best interest? Is this possible? Has this ever happened before historically? In history, has this ever happened to an entire nation?

Of course it has, and considering that the United States currently spends several hundred million dollars annually to spread disinformation, you better believe that it is happening right now.

Knowledge is Power

Those who know you best are those best equipped to control you.

Why do advertising agencies spend millions on human psychological research? Why do manufacturers spend millions to understand demographics? Why do governments spend millions to understand human behavior?

Answer: To know you.

Why do they want to know you?

Because, to know you is to (gain the power to) control you.

Remember, those who know you best are those best equipped to control you.

To know you is to gain the ability to predict your future actions. The ability to predict your future actions is a power akin to insider trading.

Those who understand your decision-making process well enough to predict your future decisions have also gained the power to change conditions in such a way as to predictably control your actions. Parents often use this knowledge of their children to control their behavior, and they are able to do this because they know their children better then their children know themselves

If a government gains this type of control on a society, they effectively secure their power. If - while monitoring the public - the discover that they are losing the faith of the public, they can readjust their policies to regain your faith.

Of course, this type of monitoring requires knowing your most personal thoughts, and how better to achieve this then to listen to your personal phone calls. You may want to reconsider what you believe is the real reason for warrantless wiretapping.

So, a government who can know you well and also know your thoughts is a government who can maintain your trust, and so long as they maintain your trust, they maintain their power.

Know Yourself

Until you know yourself, you are virtually defenseless against those who know you better.

Think about this.

If someone could convince you that short jet trails are harmless contrails, then once they upgrade their equipment to allow chemtrails to be short (non-persistent), then you would already believe that they are perfectly harmless water vapor, and as a result, you would do nothing to stop them. In short, all opposition to chemtrail spraying would stop, and certainly this would be serving their interests. This would be their method of neutralizing opposition; their method of "control".

In this case, you would believe you won the chemtrail war. You would do nothing to oppose these deceptively short trails, and except for the small percentage of the population who can smell and taste them, no one would speak out.

How many people have you heard exclaim in the past few years that "the blue sky is back"? I've heard this from numerous people in many different places. Why? Because chemtrails are becoming short (non-persistent) in many places.

So, in these places where chemtrails have turned short, who is left to bear witness that they are harmful? Answer: Those who can smell and taste them.

Now get ready for this.

Psychologists are now being taught to tell patients that the metal taste they are experiencing is caused by a surge in adrenaline. These patients are being told that this adrenaline surge is the cause of their depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain, and other physical and mental symptoms that they experience, at the same time as the metal taste.

When you consider the implications of this logic, you can see the development of a method that can be used to discredit chemtrail activists who can taste chemtrails.

The government has been moving toward a policy of considering conspiracy theorists mentally ill for years, but now they are putting the final pieces into place:

The first piece of the policy is that chemtrails, once they become short, are claimed by the government to be harmless contrails, and anyone who opposes this opinion is speaking contradictory to science and is immediately discredited.

The second piece of the policy is this: those remaining people who still believe short trails are chemtrails - because they can taste the metal in the air that is associated with them - is mentally or physically ill, and may be taken - by force - into custody and tagged as "mentally ill".

I sincerely hope you are following this logic.

Now more than ever we must be vigilant to overcome deception, especially that special kind of deception that causes us to feel the social pressure which attempts to coerce us into accepting things that are illogical or truly unscientific. This most viral-type of deception is self-deception, and the first step in arming ourselves against this plague is this:

Know yourself.

When you clean your own intellectual house and disinfect your conscience, you will discover the intimate connection between your world-view and your daily decisions, and hence, your actions.

Once you make this profound connection, knowing yourself will enable you to continuously "check" your world view by watching your actions. When you ask, "Why did I do that?", you will begin to realize what makes you tick. You will begin to understand what you really believe, both consciously and subconsciously. You will also begin to uncover false-beliefs held in your subconscious that have hindered you all your life.

Once you begin removing these false-beliefs, a revolution begins to take place in your life. You first begin to know yourself - to see yourself for what you really are - good and bad. Then you begin to see the world for what it really is - good and bad. You begin to see the social messages behind the news stories, disney cartoons, popular movies, and textbooks. You begin to understand how it all works. Social engineers who develop methods to control the public have known this for a long time. Now it's time you do as well.

Finally, in relation to chemtrails, when you begin to see the world for what it really is, and as a result you realize how disinformation has - to some degree - controlled you throughout your entire life, you will quickly realize why this statement has such profound implications:

Chemtrail proponents would like nothing more than for you to believe that short, non-persistent plumes coming out of jets are harmless contrails.

The Great Anomaly: Trail, No Trail

And here we have the crux of the matter. One jet leaves a non-persistent trail and another leaves no trail at all. I took this picture myself in 2005 in Jamestown, New York. I witnessed this same phenomenon on countless occasions.

And here we have the crux of the matter. One jet leaves a non-persistent trail and another leaves no trail at all.

Different Altitudes

A "contrail" proponent would explain this picture by saying that one jet is flying at a higher altitude and therefore the water vapor freezes and is therefore visible.

Let's boil his argument down. He is essentially saying that frozen water is visible and unfrozen water is not.

We should respond by pointing out that the combustion process in ALL jet engines results in water vapor. We should then point out that both water vapor and ice particles - in sufficient quantities - are visible from the ground.

Based on their claim, no jets should be without a trail. According to their logic, all jets produce water vapor and therefore, should have trails.

The truth is, the amount of water produced by the combustion chemistry is much too small to be seen.

Furthermore, if global warming were a legitimate issue, the water vapor produced by jets would be of primary concern because the green house effect of water vapor is many-times higher than that of CO2.

Different Jet Engines

The "contrail" proponent may claim that the jet engine is a different kind and therefore produces a different amount of water.

We should respond by pointing out that the internal combustion process in ALL jet engines is based on the same basic fuel and chemistry and that there is an inconsequential difference in water vapor production from one jet engine to another.

So again, according to their logic, ALL jets should have trails.

Different Humidity Levels

The "contrail" proponent may claim that one jet is flying in air that is more humid than the other jet.

We should respond by pointing out that the possible differences in humidity that exist in visibly-clear air is inconsequential, especially when compared to the amount of water vapor that is produced by jet combustion. In other words, there has to be a lot of water in the air for it to be visible. The differences in humidity that could possibly exist in clear air is much too small to make the difference between a jet producing a visible trail or no visible trail.

We can also point out the many occasions that we have seen trails stop and start, and since both the "humidity" and "temperature" argument are a false claims, there can be no other explanation than this:

Trails left by jets, whether they are persistent, non-persistent, or periodic, must contain reflective particulate matter and therefore are - by definition - aerosols.

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The Contrail Disinformation War

They are popping up all over; websites and blogs that try to convince the public that short, non-persistent plumes coming out of jets are "contrails". Facebook shills are government employees and contractors who are paid to convince you what short, non-persistent trails coming out of jets are harmless water vapor.

Don't be deceived. Contrails are extremely rare and only occur in conditions that:

1. Are so rare that most people will never see one in their entire lives, and
2. Cannot be seen from the ground.

Water-vapor contrails are not only very rare, but extremely short. If you're standing on the ground and see a trail come out of a jet, long or short, persistent or non-persistent, you can be quite sure that it's a chemical aerosol - a "chemtrail".

There are a few people who have seen trails in their area for decades, so it should be pointed out that aerosol spraying has existed since world war 2. It is reasonable to conclude that test aerosol spray programs have occurred over a few specific areas for decades. Taken together, all this information coincides with our observations.

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