Personal Chemtrail Stories

Personal testimonials: How chemtrails are affecting our lives.

Jay & Diatomaceous Earth

About 3 years ago, I began having stinging, biting sensations on my lower legs (calves) as I was sitting reading and navigating the computer. At first I thought I had insects in the carpet—but ruled that out quickly.

I was just learning of chemtrails and while researching Carnicom Institute and other sites, I came upon an article that caught my eye.

The sensations I was having were addressed and suggested Diatomaceous Earth which attacks parasites. I ordered this powder, began taking it daily, and the awful, painful sensations stopped. I felt healed and stopped the D.E. and within 2 or 3 days, was plagued by the biting again; I began the treatments again and have been taking daily since.

Now, as I was reading about the illnesses and terrible things happening to children and adults in the Gulf after Corexit was sprayed, one doctor prescribed, my attention perked. And he also stated the metal and elements from the sprays would be attacked by D.E., a powder given to pets for parasites.

I may have to continue D.E. doses for my life, but am not in a hurry to see if the stinging, biting is gone.

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