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Chemtrails & Lyme

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I have recently started to learn about Chemtrails. I have Lyme Disease. I have been through hell with trying to regain my health from this disease. I am happy to say that I have one of the lucky ones who stuck to their guns and did not listen to what the mainstream medical world was telling me I was suffering from. I did what most people don't do....I researched my illness and found a Lyme literate doctor who helped me regain my health as much as possible. Now I try to educate other people about the truth regarding Lyme. There is much to be said about the politics behind it. I created a website to inform others the truth behind the disease.

The reason I discovered Chemtrails was because I connected the weather with my sickness. I couldn't figure out why I got  sicker when it rained. I documented how I was feeling as the storms came around I starred at the sky more often. One day as I was driving to my acupuncture appointment I noticed that the sky had a tic tac toe cloud pattern going on. I was puzzled by this at first. I had never really noticed anything like it before.I made a mental note of it and drove on. Then a few weeks later I saw it again. I felt horrible as I drove under the pattern once more. I felt bad for days. People who suffer from Lyme have a weak immune system. I have found that many of the symptoms are the same as those who have Lyme Disease.

At first I thought that it was the barometric pressure causing the discomfort. Then I did a search about the connection between the weather and Lyme. I came across the Chemtrails somehow. I don't remember exactly how, but there it was. Pics of the same lines in the sky that I was seeing more and more of in my area.

I have several friends that are sick with Lyme also. I found that they were feeling worse the same days I felt sick which seemed to be in connection with the spraying in the area. I started to take pictures. I started to read more and more about the Chemtrails. A friend on my facebook told me of the trails in his area of Florida. He made posts about how they effect your health. I showed him my pics. Sure enough he said I was living under the same junk he was being exposed to.

Now I try to tell my family and Lyme friends about what I have learned. Of course they think I'm crazy. How could this possibly be happening in our lives? Then I printed pages off the net and gave them to my neighbor who is a County Legislator. I cant push him too much because he has helped me a lot with getting the word out about Lyme in the county. I became a member of the Lyme Advisory Committee for *** County with his help.That is another story in itself. Anyway, I feel like I need to do something more.I feel it is something  people need to know about. It's amazing how we live our lives and never look up. I hear the planes / jets or whatever they are flying over my house all the time now. This crap glows in the dark as the sun goes down.

People tell me how they feel so sick with the flu.....It's August! My friends and family all complain of stomach problems, upper respiratory issues and rashes. The ER is busy with walk ins saying they are feeling sick for no reason.The Lyme problem is a big one around here but I feel that the Chemtrails are contributing to the problem. The skies are white...not blue after they spray. Clouds are weird looking. My plants don't grow like they used to. I even noticed that there are less mosquitoes now. Which isn't a bad thing but WHY? The intense heat wave here has been unbearable at times. They seem to spray almost every other day when it gets too hot. The clouds block the sun but the heat stays the same. I know now what is going on.

The question is....what do we do? It seems like a no win situation to me. The more I point out the trails...the more my family thinks I'm going crazy. I am happy to have found this website. At least I can relate to people who will not think I'm nuts!

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