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Chemtrails In The Movies: Over The Hedge

I have noticed a growing number of chemtrails appearing in movies, television shows and even commercials lately. This is not surprising considering the sheer number of locations that chemtrails litter the sky globally.

I have been inspired to make this post after renting the animated movie called Over The Hedge. Besides being a very funny movie, I was surprised at the blatant mental conditioning employed in this movie, particularly relating to chemtrails. Over The Hedge contains chemtrails throughout the movie, except the last 20 minutes or so when the animated sky is covered with clouds.

Being acutely aware of the chemtrail program and the relatively recent appearance of massive chemtrails in my area, it only makes sense that the ptb (powers that be) need to "condition" people to accept streams of particulate matter materializing in the flight paths of jets. This process of mental conditioning is very clear in this movie. I have included some screen shots below.

For those skeptics (of which I hope there are plenty for you should not blindly accept these things without research), I would ask you to ask what the incentive could possibly be to animate a sky in a large animated production to contain only long, thin artificially-produced trails for over two-thirds of the movie. No scenic clouds (until the final third of the movie). No beautiful natural-looking artifacts. Just man-made streams of white on a blue background. What else could the purpose be?

Compare these pictures to my own collection of local chemtrail pictures:

Chemtrails In Jamestown, New York

In animation, there are no mistakes. If it's in the picture, it's meant to be there.

Below are screen shots taken directly from the DVD rental from Blockbuster on 10/31/06.

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